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We sit down with world-renowned forensic scientist and cold-case investigator, Paul Holes, to hear about one of his first cold cases, as well as the profiling techniques he developed over the years to catch the serial sexual predators he hunted.

WARNING: This episode deals with graphic descriptions of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

Special Guest: Paul Holes

Paul Holes spent the majority of his 27-year career investigating cold cases and serial-predator crimes in the Bay Area of California. Just before he retired in April 2018, Paul led the team that broke the Golden State Killer case, which brought him worldwide acclaim. Other notable cases he’s worked on include The Zodiac, Laci Peterson, Jaycee Dugard, Darryl Kemp, Joseph Naso, and Joseph Cordova Jr. Paul recently released an audiobook titled “Evil Has a Name” which is available on Audible. You can also hear him on the true-crime podcast, “The Murder Squad.” which he co-hosts with investigative journalist Billy Jensen.