S3 E7: Hubris


In 2016, during a follow-up visit to a rape victim who’d been assaulted six months prior, Detective Jay is unexpectedly assigned the case. When months later, a DNA test finally returns a positive ID, Detective Jay begins piecing together evidence that points to a serial sex offender who’d been on the loose for almost 30 years.

Special Guest

Detective Jay
Detective Jay has been in law enforcement for 18 years. He began his route into police work at age 19, when he joined the Explorers, or Youth Volunteers, and started going on ride-a-longs with law enforcement in his hometown. In 2004 he became a sworn police officer and for the next 10 years served on Patrol. In 2014, he was promoted to Detective in the Person Crimes department where he now investigates homicides, assaults, and sex crimes in his Small Town.

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