S5 E9: Trouble Follows

Trouble Follows

Beth, a successful woman who is now retired, offers to provide her great-grandson with some stability. At first things go well. But Beth soon learns that her strong sense of family has not trickled down to the younger generation and that no good deed goes unpunished.

Special Guest: Detective Robert

Detective Robert has been in law enforcement for over 18 years. He spent nine years on patrol, where he served as a field-training officer (FTO) and an FBI-trained hostage negotiator. He was subsequently promoted to corporal and later to detective. As a new detective, he worked in the crimes against children unit, which investigates sex crimes, serious physical abuse and child homicides. He was later re-assigned to the violent crimes unit, where he continues to serve. He is an active member of his county’s major crimes team, which investigates homicides and officer-involved shootings.

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