S5 E4: Fair Game

A mother brings her infant daughter to the hospital with a serious head injury. The father says the child slipped in the bathtub while he was bathing her and she hit her head. But the doctor is suspicious and calls the police. When Detective David arrives, he suspects he has more than just an accidental death on his hands.

S5 E3: Pariah

The following episode discusses a child pornography investigation. However, no specific narratives of the images will be shared. In this case, Detective Dave walks us through his investigation of two online predators who were sexually exploiting children online and how multiple agencies around the country work together to try to keep children safe. Of the 6+ years Dave spent investigating sex crimes and child abuse, these two cases, in particular, got under his skin and changed him forever.

S5 E2: Collateral

In a small town in Texas, where everyone knows everyone, a casual night of good friends hanging out turns deadly.

S5 Bonus 1: Disclosure

When a child first reveals they are the victim of abuse it’s a process police call “disclosure.” That’s where Nichole comes in. She’s a trained forensic investigator and relies on a mix of research and empathy to give the victims a voice and bring criminals to justice.

S5 E1: Zero Hour

Det. Jay and his team investigate the murder of a homeless man who is found stabbed to death in a public park. After a slow start, the investigation focuses on three men, including a charismatic leader in the local meth community, and an ex-con who’s fled to a nearby state to become a standup comedian.

Hey Small Town Fam!

Check out the Season 5 announcement from Yeardley and Detective Dan! 

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