S6 E5: Pandemic

Our very own Detective Dave talks about how police do their work in the time of the coronavirus/covd-19 pandemic. Detective Dan offers his own perspective on how cops deal with the various biohazards they encounter on the street and when the police take someone into custody.

S6 E4: Jekyll & Hyde

A woman is found dead on her couch, a gun by her side. It appears maybe she shot herself in the head. More than a decade later a woman is found dead in her bed, a gun nearby. What did they have in common besides the manner of death? A man who stalked the first woman and married the latter. Investigators are able to tie the two shootings together and arrest the doc for murder.

S6 E3: Discarded

A family finds the dead body of a woman on a remote logging road. It’s wrapped in a blanket. Police at first don’t know what happened, though foul play is suspected. They figure out who the victim is and then find her boyfriend, who happens to be in jail for a separate assault. Despite thin resources, detectives begin to build a case.

S6 E2: Ambush

A peaceful apartment complex turns violent when an angry tenant named Mitch takes out his frustrations on the on-site manager. Det. Dave recounts the fateful summer day when Mitch does the unthinkable.

S6 E1: The Grudge

Chris’s house is burglarized while he’s at a music festival. When police arrive they see that his outdoor security camera lines have been cut. Turns out the crime was committed by his former roommate because Chris stole his former roommate’s girlfriend. We later find out that the suspect is also wanted in conjunction with a home invasion where his DNA ends up at the scene of the crime because he got hit in the head with the muzzle-end of a shotgun and it took out a chunk of his skull. 

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