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Welcome to The Briefing Room

Every day, police officers start their shifts with briefing. This is the time when they can speak openly and candidly about the issues affecting them and their communities. Normally, briefing is off limits to civilians but your hosts, Detective Dan and Detectie Dave from Small Town Dicks, are inviting you in to discuss the latest crime trends, law enforcement training techniques, and, well, anything else that’s on their minds. You’ll hear from special guests as well regulars like Yeardley Smith and forensic expert Paul Holes. Together, Dan and Dave have decades in law enforcement and will draw on their considerable experience to guide these fascinating conversations.

All Due Respect

Cops and defense attorneys sit on opposite sides in the courtroom. So, what happens when you put them at the same table? In today’s briefing, we find out. Detective Dave welcomes Public Defender Lissa to talk about why she left the prosecutor’s office to become a defender of the accused, how she does her job, and what she feels is the common ground in the fight for justice – hint, it’s spelled r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

The Briefing Room is coming Jan. 27!

Small Town Dicks Presents: The Briefing Room – coming January 27. It’s a new show from Detectives Dan and Dave about the world of law enforcement and the ways they keep us safe. Every day, police officers start their shifts in briefing, where they discuss the latest policies, crime trends, and other hot topics that affect law enforcement. We’re inviting you in to be part of the conversation. We’ll also have tips for you on ways you can better protect yourselves as well as improve the ways you interact with police. Welcome to The Briefing Room!

TBR: The Christian Burial Speech

Once again, Detectives Dave and Dan take a deep dive into case law that governs how law enforcement operates in this country. Today, they discuss Brewer v. Williams, which is better known as “The Christian Burial Speech”. It’s a fascinating and disturbing tale about the limits of interrogation after a suspect invokes his right to counsel: even when, or especially when, the stakes are incredibly high.