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Per the subject matter of many of our episodes, The Detectives wanted to be sure to provide our listeners with helpful information and resources.

Identifying Grooming Behavior(s):

  • Improper language, inappropriate jokes or comments;
  • Testing the child’s boundaries with “inadvertent/accidental touching” to gauge the child’s reaction;
    • If child reports the abuse, the offender gauges the parent’s response;
  • Inappropriate emails, chats, letters or notes;
  • Exposing the child to nudity and inappropriate sexual content;
    • Offender uses this to gauge the child’s reaction;
    • Offers to teach or train the child about sexual contact;
  • Discussions with the child about personal issues/sexual topics;
  • Flirting, inappropriate, and/or focused attention on a particular child;
  • Providing gifts and favors (alcohol, drugs, a place to hang out), and/or promises to the child in exchange for sexual contact;
  • Efforts to gain the parent’s/guardian’s trust to gain increased access to the child;
  • Overriding authority of parent(s) or school staff

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