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Per the subject matter of many of our episodes, The Detectives wanted to be sure to provide our listeners with helpful information and resources.

Domestic Violence Resources

Womens Law

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Live Your Dream

Website Resources

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Mama Bear Effects online resources

Family Online Safety Institute

Center for Parenting Education

FBI resources for parents

Common Sense Media: Privacy and Internet Safety Information

US Dept. of Justice

Sex Trafficking Victim Resources

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Oregon Youth Justice Project

Human Trafficking​

National Human Trafficking Hotline1 (888) 373-7888

Dept. of Homeland Security


Polaris – Non profit organization

The Code – Non profit organization

Thorn – Non profit organization founded by Ashton Kutcher

Identifying Grooming Behaviors

  • Improper language, inappropriate jokes or comments;
  • Testing the child’s boundaries with “inadvertent/accidental touching” to gauge the child’s reaction;
    • If child reports the abuse, the offender gauges the parent’s response;
  • Inappropriate emails, chats, letters or notes;
  • Exposing the child to nudity and inappropriate sexual content;
    • Offender uses this to gauge the child’s reaction;
    • Offers to teach or train the child about sexual contact;
  • Discussions with the child about personal issues/sexual topics;
  • Flirting, inappropriate, and/or focused attention on a particular child;
  • Providing gifts and favors (alcohol, drugs, a place to hang out), and/or promises to the child in exchange for sexual contact;
  • Efforts to gain the parent’s/guardian’s trust to gain increased access to the child;
  • Overriding authority of parent(s) or school staff