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The Classifieds Pt.2

Part 2/2: If you’re a teenager and you runaway from home your #1 priority is likely survival. Any promise to put a roof over your head and make sure you’re safe would surely feel like a relief. Until you realize that those promises come at a cost that’s higher than you ever imagined. Detective Curt leads us deep into the grimy underworld of sex trafficking right here in Small Town, USA. This case contains phone calls with some of the victims. We have digitally manipulated their voices to further their identities.

The Sociopath and the Whistleblower Part 4

This is the chilling story of a man who, as a police officer, took his police department’s solemn oath to be guided by professionalism, integrity, courage and honor. He also promised that his behavior would meet his department’s standard of honesty and accountability. Then, for 10 years, he patrolled the community, gaining its trust, while simultaneously victimizing those he knew would be too afraid to speak up.