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A Vile Plan

As you know, we take pride in celebrating the diligent work law enforcement performs everyday on Small Town Dicks. But sometimes, it’s the selfless act of a well-meaning citizen who saves the day. And that’s what happened on the day we pick up this case and an older couple decided to step-in when they saw something wrong. This story has everything – a car chase, a remote cabin full of hair-raising evidence, a suspect on the verge of a terrible crime, and, most importantly, a little girl who is alive today because two people decided to do something.

You’re It

Detective Lindsey is back with a case she’s called her “worst nightmare.” An unknown man has committed a series of home break-ins that include terrorizing of victims and violent sexual assaults. Each time, the suspect only gets more brazen and police are anxious to find a lead. Working with a task force of local agencies, and a specialist who has learned the art of tracking human, Lindsey and her team rush to stop the perpetrator before anyone else gets hurt.


A body discovered in a public green space leaves detectives puzzled – and a community of unhoused folks lobbing blame at each other. As Deputy Brandon investigates, he encounters increasingly wilder stories about what might have happened. A bloody axe, Satanic rituals, and an astonishing discovery made at the bottom of a burn barrel, all come into play to as Brandon delves into this most unusual case.

Among Thieves

No one wants to feel unsafe in their home and no one understands this better than Detective Dan. So when an older couple returns from vacation to find their house has been burgled, he jumps on the case. Dan discovers two young men in the neighborhood whose stories aren’t adding up and he won’t let up until he gets to the truth. Bonus: Dan shares practical tips for anyone looking to protect their home and property.

In the Wild

A dangerous American expat living in the cold, unforgiving lands in the extreme north of British Columbia is on the loose after stealing from a fellow survivalist. Keenly aware of the danger this man poses, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch a manhunt. This is a place of snow shoes and dogsleds, trappers and hunters. Constable Garry and his team set out to capture this man, known as Oros. It’s late winter, and Oris is armed and dangerous. And he knows the area better than the men charged with catching him.

On The Line

A violent double murder that made headlines in a far away town has Detective Matt going undercover. After hearing the suspect might be on the run in his town, Matt posts up near a seedy motel to track him down. But the suspect escapes with the help of a family member. This leads Matt to do one of the most brazen acting jobs of his career in hopes he can catch a killer.

Before You Go

McNeil Island off the coast of Washington state is inaccessible by any road and not welcome to most visitors. Once the site of a state prison, the island is now home to a most unwelcome and dangerous inhabitant: Violent sexual predators who have served their prison sentences but are deemed too dangerous to return to society. These men have been banished from society and largely forgotten about. And that last part, Detective Lindsey Wade finds out, is a problem. Lindsey specializes in DNA cold cases and she knows that some of the men of McNeil Island might be responsible for other crimes. She wants to test and record their DNA. As she works to make this happen, she stumbles upon a decades-old murder. Will she find the answers on the island of the banished?

Bad Neighbors

Detective Sgt. Robert catches a young man soliciting sex from a middle school girl. A careful investigation leads to the suspect’s arrest and conviction. Robert is hopeful that the victim is now safe but a few years later, he discovers that another man has targeted the same girl. And the identity of the suspect has the detective shaking his head. Fortunately, he is once again able to get the victim a measure of justice.


Police get what is a far too common call: A grown man has snuck into the DMs of a child and is now soliciting sex. The perpetrator is quickly caught and swears he’ll never do it again and in doing so, he escapes prosecution. Three years pass and Detective Jaime gets another call about an online predator – and it turns out to be the same suspect following the same script. Jaime goes undercover to lure the suspect out for a meeting. Along the way, she dodges close calls that might give away her identity and scare off the predator before he’s caught. Through excellent police work, the detective is able to confirm: Revenge is sweet.

Signs of a Serial Killer Part 2

At the end of our first episode, Lieutenant John had apprehended a suspect in a brutal, but seemingly random home invasion murder. Now, after trying to find out what might have motivated the suspect, John hears an innocent question from a neighbor about what John assumes is an unrelated death. Always the dogged investigator, John starts to piece together a disturbing puzzle. He launches a new investigation and makes a chilling discovery that had been overlooked by local authorities. Now his suspect is looking less like a violent opportunist and more like a calculating serial killer.

Signs of a Serial Killer Part 1

After receiving a 911 call from a concerned neighbor, police come upon a violent home invasion in a normally quiet neighborhood. One person is dead and another is struggling for her life. Lieutenant John, a homicide investigator with the DA’s office, is called out to the scene to help local authorities. In one of the many twists in this case, a chance meeting with a bystander leads John down the foreboding path of a suspect who is far more cunning and dangerous than he first appears.

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