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Never Forget

Famed cold-case investigator and forensic analyst Paul Holes brings us two murder cases from Northern California that remain unsolved. These murders are eerily similar to three others that were committed by serial killer Phil Hughes. But with scant physical evidence, and Hughes remaining tight-lipped, Paul is forced to dig deep and come up with new ways to identify the killer and get justice for the victims.


A woman named Mary goes missing after spending the evening at a popular nightclub. Local police have few leads. Then police learn a sex offender from Ireland is in town and was seen harassing women customers before leaving the club with Mary. Detective Shaun, who is supposed to be taking his vacation, suspects something terrible has happened and pulls out all the stops to find the Irishman. When they finally catch up to him he denies any wrongdoing, until a surprising scientific detail puts him at the scene of a grisly crime.


It was an evening like any other. Police at the local headquarters were going about their business – eating dinner, talking about the latest TV shows, when… boom. The first of a series of deadly explosions tore through Detective Sam’s station in Northern Ireland. Sam talks about the extraordinary dangers his force faced on a daily basis, and the lingering trauma so many suffer who choose to protect and serve.

Confidence Man

Steve is a popular guy. He edits the local paper. He owns the local stationary store. His new restaurant is the most popular spot for miles around. And he’s just opened up a new pub. The only problem is every one of his businesses seems to be failing. Detective BK gets a tip that there’s something shady is going on with Steve’s accounts and his investors have started to notice. BK uncovers a small town scandal that tests the fabric of neighborly trust.

No Win

A routine traffic stop turns deadly serious when the driver opens fire on the patrol officer and peels out. A manhunt ensues and a couple of days later, an alert law enforcement crew spots the driver and embarks on a harrowing car chase during the height of the summer-tourist season.

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