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TBR: The Christian Burial Speech

Once again, Detectives Dave and Dan take a deep dive into case law that governs how law enforcement operates in this country. Today, they discuss Brewer v. Williams, which is better known as “The Christian Burial Speech”. It’s a fascinating and disturbing tale about the limits of interrogation after a suspect invokes his right to counsel: even when, or especially when, the stakes are incredibly high.

TBR: Case Law, Part 2

If you’ve ever watched a television crime drama, chances are you could recite the Miranda warning by heart. Today, Detectives Dan and Dave continue their law enforcement briefing with a review of the case that brought us the Miranda warning: Miranda v. Arizona. The detectives also delve into a precursor case, Escobedo v. Illinois, which helped define what rights a person has when they’re arrested.

TBR: Case Law, Part 1

In today’s briefing, we discuss the case law that defines what is considered reasonable when a police officer uses force. These cases are used by departments nationwide as a foundation for use of force policies. The two specific cases you’ll hear about today, if you want to read further, are Tennessee v. Garner and Graham v. Connor.

TBR: Situational Awareness

Over the next few weeks, we’re sharing a few episodes of The Briefing Room. The series began on our Patreon feed but is going to become a brand new show in January. Today, we discuss situational awareness: Detective Dave and Detective Dan talk about ways to increase your safety by paying closer attention to what’s going on around you.

Gone Fishin’

A young couple go missing after heading out to a local camping spot. A search party discovers their bodies – both have been shot to death. Investigators from this rural town turn over every stone in search of the killer but come up empty. Over 40 years pass before a DNA test points to a suspect. Detectives scramble to arrest him and get justice for the victims.

Out of Reach

A brutal murder. A primary suspect. But small mistakes made by fellow officers in the early hours of the investigation hinder Detective Lins’ pursuit of the man he believes is responsible for bludgeoning a woman to death in her driveway. But the investigation continues until Lins receives word that his prime suspect is dead. Or is he? Even in retirement, Detective Lins says he’s not ready to give up the ghost.

The Very Worst

The stories about Sam are almost unbelievable. He’s wealthy, successful, and a family man. But look closer and you’ll discover a deeply disturbed predator with a dangerous habit of victimizing kids. When Detective Robert and his team take over the case, they find themselves crossing state lines and international borders in the pursuit of evidence which ultimately confirms Sam is exactly what they thought he was: the very worst. WARNING: This episode deals with the sexual abuse of children.


Detective Dan gets called to an apartment complex to investigate a hit and run. But he quickly discovers there’s much more to the case than just property damage, when a young girl in the house discloses that she was touched inappropriately during an alcohol-fueled party that night. Detective Dan’s brother, Detective Dave, is called in to investigate the crime.

The Gamble

This case takes us to Main Street, Small Town, Australia, where *Detective Graeme is called to investigate an early morning blaze in the local business district. Fortunately, firefighters put out the flames before anyone is hurt, but the shops suffer extensive smoke damage. As Graeme picks through the debris, he discovers evidence that the fire was no accident. A bit of luck and good old-fashioned detective work help Graeme and his team zero in on the culprit.