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When a young teenager tells her father that her former stepdad spent several years sexually abusing her when she was younger, Detective Dave is called in to investigate this delicate case, which appears to have little physical evidence and is hobbled by the passage of time.

WARNING: This episode involves the sexual abuse of a minor. Listener discretion is advised.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This is Episode 5: “the missing episode” from Season 1. We took it down for a while to make a few additional redactions.  Now it’s back where it belongs.  We thank you for your patience.

Co-Host: Detective Dave 

Dave began his career in law enforcement in 2007. Before his recent promotion to Sergeant, he spent six years as a detective primarily investigating Sex Crimes and Child Abuse for his police department in Small Town, USA. He still serves as a Crisis and Hostage Negotiator, and during his tenure as a detective, he served on the advisory boards of multiple children’s and victims’ advocacy groups.