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Sgt. David and his officer-in-training are working the graveyard shift on a cold winter night when they scout out an abandoned lot in their small town that’s a well-known spot for illegal activity. As they approach, they see a car with its lights off and two passengers inside: a man in his 50’s and a young girl seated on the passenger’s side. Though there’s no crime in just sitting in your car, Sgt. David has a gut feeling that something is very wrong. What he discovers is even worse than what he suspected.

Special Guest

Sgt. David
Sgt. David is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement. As a detective he has lead investigations into murder, child abuse, robbery, narcotics, auto theft, burglary, and sexual assault. He has worked patrol, is currently the SWAT team commander, and is in charge of his agency’s detective bureau.