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The Team Tackles Proust

The Proust Questionnaire was made popular in the late 1800’s by the French novelist, Marcel Proust (though he didn’t invent it.) Back then people used to play it at parties as a parlor game. They felt like your answers to these questions revealed your true nature. Vanity Fair magazine made the questionnaire popular again by putting it on its back page every month. So we thought it’d be fun if the Small Town Team played this iconic parlor game, too.


This is the full, unabridged audio of the phone call between Lt. Scott and the suspect, well-respected police officer Robert, from Season 1, episode 12: THE SOCIOPATH AND THE WHISTLEBLOWER. Robert has been placed on administrative leave so Lt. Scott calls him at home in the late morning when he knows Robert’s family will be out. What Robert doesn’t realize is that the lieutenant is recording their conversation and he already knows much more than Robert thinks he does.

The Feels

Zibby and Yeardley get personal with a round table of 5 detectives from Season 1. “What haunts you?” “What’s the effect of your job on your personal relationships?” “When you have kids and your job involves confronting the worst of humankind every time you go to work, where do you put the worry when your kids leave the house?” #AllTheFeels.

The Killer

Lynn got a text on her phone from a male friend while she slept – a text she would never see because her ex-boyfriend, Allen, saw it first, exploded into a rage and murdered her with a baseball bat. This is the audio of Allen’s suspect interview that we excerpted for Season 1/ Episode 1, DON’T GO! This is the firsthand account of events that night, according to the killer.