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This is the full, unabridged audio of the phone call between Lt. Scott and the suspect, well-respected police officer Robert, from Season 1, episode 12: THE SOCIOPATH AND THE WHISTLEBLOWER. Robert has been placed on administrative leave so Lt. Scott calls him at home in the late morning when he knows Robert’s family will be out. What Robert doesn’t realize is that the lieutenant is recording their conversation and he already knows much more than Robert thinks he does.

(Note: We recommend you listen to the entire miniseries, THE SOCIOPATH & THE WHISTLEBLOWER to grasp the full context of this call.)

Featured Voice

Lieutenant Scott ​is a 31-year veteran of law-enforcement. Scott has worked at variety of assignments from patrol, SWAT, Detectives, special operations, gang enforcement, internal affairs, and special investigations. Lt. Scott is also a Forensic Artist.