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(Part 1/2) This is the Thurston School shooting through the eyes of the Springfield police officer who was first on the scene that morning, as well as one of the detectives who arrived minutes later to help process the carnage. We also sit down for a rare interview with one of the students who survived being shot that day.

Special Guests

Officer Donnie
Officer Donnie was a police officer in Springfield, Oregon for almost 12 years. While he was there he spent three years on the SWAT team, two years as an auto theft detective, and two years as an undercover narcotics detective. In 1998, he was a first responder to the Thurston High School shooting and assisted with taking the shooter into custody. In 1999, he was awarded the City of Springfield and the State of Oregon Medal of Honor for his actions during a critical incident in the line of duty. He retired from law enforcement in 2007.

Detective Don
Detective Don recently retired after serving in law enforcement for over 30 years. Don spent much of his career as a detective but also served on SWAT and as a Hostage/Crisis Negotiator.