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The kidnapping of a young girl puts a small town police force on high alert.

A little girl is kidnapped from her home. A harrowing search gets underway in hopes of finding her before she’s killed. Police know time is of the essence. The story is about the little things that go right and the inspiration a victim can provide decades later, without ever knowing about it.

Guests: Lieutenant Scottis a 31-year veteran of law enforcement. Scott has worked at a variety of assignments from patrol, SWAT, Detectives, and Special Operations, to gang enforcement, Internal Affairs, and Special Investigations. Lt. Scott is also a forensic artist.

Lieutenant Nate served in the US Navy prior to beginning his 28 years of service with his local police department. During his career, Nate was a Field Training Officer (FTO), an Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructor, a SWAT team leader, and SWAT Sergeant. Nate promoted to lieutenant and was an acting captain prior to his retirement in 2018. He now works in Sporting Event Public Safety Planning in the private sector.

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