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Before You Go

McNeil Island off the coast of Washington state is inaccessible by any road and not welcome to most visitors. Once the site of a state prison, the island is now home to a most unwelcome and dangerous inhabitant: Violent sexual predators who have served their prison sentences but are deemed too dangerous to return to society. These men have been banished from society and largely forgotten about. And that last part, Detective Lindsey Wade finds out, is a problem. Lindsey specializes in DNA cold cases and she knows that some of the men of McNeil Island might be responsible for other crimes. She wants to test and record their DNA. As she works to make this happen, she stumbles upon a decades-old murder. Will she find the answers on the island of the banished?

The Bodysnatchers

Your favorite Scottish detective, retired chief constable Tom, brings us a gruesome case from the 1820s of how two depraved criminals went on a year-long killing spree while the rich and powerful of Edinburgh, Scotland all but turned a blind eye. Ultimately, the crimes of these two men brought about police reforms and social change but not before there were bodies everywhere.

Slow Burn

In a small town, one act of arson can be devastating. Detective Chris gets the call early one morning to investigate the cause of a fire at a family-owned arcade. The case quickly evolves into a burglary investigation and then a manhunt when the men thought responsible hit another business. Their destructive path finally leads to a deadly showdown.

People of Conscience

In today’s briefing, Defense Attorney Lissa returns for another civilized, yet provocative, discussion about the inner workings of the justice system. How does a defense attorney prepare the jury? What does she tell her client when the prosecutor offers a deal? And why does it take ‘people of conscience’ to make the wheels of justice turn? Detective Dave, Detective Dan, and Yeardley Smith invite you into The Briefing Room for another insightful conversation.

The Most Dangerous Time

Police discover the body of a woman near the bottom of a flight of the stairs that lead to her bedroom. She’s been shot in the head and the main suspect is the man she just broke up with. Her young children are also in the house, hiding in a closet. Detectives Chad and Greg hunt the suspect down and find a pattern of dangerous domestic abuse that had never been reported to police.

Monster Pt.2

It was a sunny afternoon in August of 2008, when this Small Town police department began fielding multiple 9-1-1 calls from alarmed residents in a quiet neighborhood just outside of town. The callers told dispatch they had just witnessed what appeared to be the kidnapping of a ten-year-old neighborhood girl as she rode her bike. This triggers multiple agencies in the area coming together in a frantic effort to catch the kidnapper before he disappears with his victim forever.