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The Runaway

Police get called to a seedy motel after reports of a fight. They find two women injured, one badly, as well as a group of men standing around videotaping the incident on their phones. As Det. Scott begins to investigate, he quickly realizes there is much more than meets the eye as he follows the evidence into a world of gangs and human trafficking.


This week, Small Town Dicks returns to Scotland. A series of killings along the Scottish/ English border has detectives scrambling and residents frightened. As police chase hundreds of possible leads, a man in a tiny town witnesses the kidnapping of a local girl in broad daylight. Could this be the lead law enforcement so desperately needs? Another story from retired Deputy Chief Constable Tom.

Final Destination

Today we hear from our own Detective Dave as he investigates disturbing allegations of child abuse. Just as he prepares to take his suspect into custody, he learns the suspect has fled on a bus and has a 12-hour head start. Unable to make up the time and distance in pursuit of the suspect, himself, Dave is forced to rely on other agencies along the bus route to try and intercept the fugitive before he gets away for good.

The World’s End

Two young women go missing from a famous local bar in Scotland called The World’s End. When their dead bodies are found, police start a groundbreaking investigation into the serial killings. The Small Town team crosses the pond to talk to retired Deputy Chief Constable Tom about a decades-long case that changed the way a whole country investigates violent crime.