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The Weight Pt. 2

In October 1981 in the small town of Carmel, California, a young mother named Sonia Stone is raped and murdered in her home. The prime suspect is her neighbor, Michael Glazebrook. He is tried for the crimes but the trial ends in a hung jury. In episode two of The Weight, pressed by Sonia’s family and their own sense of duty, the detective who investigated Sonia’s murder and the prosecutor who tried Glazebrook continue to look for any new evidence or lucky break that would trigger new charges. There are moments of hope and years of frustration. Four decades pass and then they get the call that changes everything.

The Weight Pt. 1

Today’s case spans more than 40 years. In the first of two parts, we take you back to 1981 and the senseless rape and murder of Sonia Stone, a young mother living with her daughter in the tony town of Carmel by the Sea on the California coast. A close friend has found Sonia’s body and has called the police. The responding detectives quickly focus their attention on a shifty neighbor whose constantly changing story feeds their suspicions. But this was a time before DNA testing, and the evidence, though solid, is circumstantial. When the prosecutor in the case finally gets some corroboration about the neighbor’s whereabouts the morning of Sonia’s murder, he brings murder charges against Michael Glazebrook. But an adverse ruling and an unreliable witness derail the trial – and start a decades long search for justice.


A predator hides behind her gender and her husband’s profession to keep targeting victims. A frustrated detective exhausts every lead until he has what he needs to put her away. Today’s story is one of persistence and believing the victims. It’s a case that will have you exclaiming, “OMG!” at every twist and turn.

Please, Stop Me!

A serial killer is loose in the early 1980s. His attacks are increasingly brutal and his choice of victim is seemingly random. Then, after he commits his crimes he does something confounding: He calls the police and, while seeming to cry, asks them to stop him. But despite his apparent guilt, he continues to kill, while the police desperately try to track him down.

Slow Burn

In a small town, one act of arson can be devastating. Detective Chris gets the call early one morning to investigate the cause of a fire at a family-owned arcade. The case quickly evolves into a burglary investigation and then a manhunt when the men thought responsible hit another business. Their destructive path finally leads to a deadly showdown.


In another stunning case from fan-favorite Sgt. Robert, a mother and child are rushed to the hospital in what appears to be the case of a childbirth gone wrong. But almost immediately, emergency staff begin to question whether the woman was ever pregnant at all. Police are called to investigate and uncover a shocking truth.

The Last Straw

There are people in the world who, no matter how many chances they get, behave with cruelty and indifference. In this episode, Detective Dave recounts his frustrations in dealing with just such a man named Jeremy, who seemed unable, or unwilling, to control his habit of abusing people he deemed weaker than himself, despite multiple “second chances.”

House on the Hill

Detective Dan talks about a case that has haunted him for years. A young woman is attacked while in the home of a well-to-do couple. She breaks free and scrambles to a neighbor’s house to call for help. Dan is the first officer on scene and his investigation turns up disturbing clues that lead him to believe the victim narrowly escaped a couple with deadly intentions.