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Emma was a 24 year-old woman who had recently become engaged and was renting a room at her friend, Bill’s, house when Doug showed up. Doug was Bill’s cousin and had been given permission to stay, temporarily, in the detached garage. He was a heavy drug user with a criminal record, and he gave Emma the creeps. That was just one of the reasons Bill had made it clear to Doug that he was not allowed in the main house where Emma was living. But Doug didn’t listen.

Special Guests

Detective Kyle
Detective Kyle has been a law enforcement officer for 13 years.  He is currently a Narcotics Detective and a member of SWAT.

Detective George
Detective George has been in law enforcement for over 20 years. The last 12 years he has been a detective assigned to Domestic Violence, Auto Theft, and currently Violent Crimes. George has been a member of SWAT for 16 years. He previously served on Bike Patrol, and as a Field Training Officer.