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In the Wild

A dangerous American expat living in the cold, unforgiving lands in the extreme north of British Columbia is on the loose after stealing from a fellow survivalist. Keenly aware of the danger this man poses, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch a manhunt. This is a place of snow shoes and dogsleds, trappers and hunters. Constable Garry and his team set out to capture this man, known as Oros. It’s late winter, and Oris is armed and dangerous. And he knows the area better than the men charged with catching him.

Charlie Bear

In Detective Matt’s small town there is a spot called Fisherman’s Cut. It’s not easy to find – off the main highway, down a dirt road you’d probably never notice if you hadn’t been there before, around a bend you can’t see until it’s too late. It’s where, as Matt is getting ready to leave work for the holidays, someone reports finding a woman’s dead body. Through a combination of keen observation and some good luck, Matt and his team find a suspect. The suspect is brought in for an interview. As Detective Matt begins his interrogation, he starts to wonder, ‘Am I looking into the eyes of a serial killer?’

Red Flag

A man calls 911 to say his toddler is in distress: he’s not breathing. As paramedics rush to the scene, so does Detective Terry. He knows for this kind of incident, it is all hands on deck. As he begins to investigate what happened, a series of red flags go up and Det. Terry confronts every parent’s worst nightmare.


A woman named Mary goes missing after spending the evening at a popular nightclub. Local police have few leads. Then police learn a sex offender from Ireland is in town and was seen harassing women customers before leaving the club with Mary. Detective Shaun, who is supposed to be taking his vacation, suspects something terrible has happened and pulls out all the stops to find the Irishman. When they finally catch up to him he denies any wrongdoing, until a surprising scientific detail puts him at the scene of a grisly crime.

Keep Digging

A man goes missing in a small Scottish town. His mother, Mrs. T., is dissatisfied with the way the police have handled his disappearance and hounds her local PD until she is finally put in touch with Det. Roddy who promises to take a fresh look at the case. It turns out, Mrs. T’s maternal instincts were right and her son didn’t just pack up and leave without a trace, without saying goodbye. Another Small Town episode from overseas.

The Protégé

Lt. Scott returns to fill us in on the details of Francisco, the equally-depraved trainee of corrupt cop, Robert from Season 1: THE SOCIOPATH AND THE WHISTLEBLOWER. As Lt. Scott tells us, Robert may have been the initial focus of the Internal Investigation at his Small Town police agency, but it soon became apparent that Francisco was taking everything Robert had taught him about preying on vulnerable women –and perfecting it. This is the story of the protégé.

Keep Out

Emma was a 24 year-old woman who had recently become engaged and was renting a room at her friend, Bill’s, house when Doug showed up. Doug was Bill’s cousin and had been given permission to stay, temporarily, in the detached garage. He was a heavy drug user with a criminal record, and he gave Emma the creeps. That was just one of the reasons Bill had made it clear to Doug that he was not allowed in the main house where Emma was living. But Doug didn’t listen.