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An inexperienced young detective is sent to a small island in Scotland, where he discovers a string of over a hundred assault cases that have yet to be closed. Everyone on the island – including his superiors – knows exactly who committed the crimes, but they’re unable to bring him to justice. Suddenly, Detective Constable Simon is asking questions – and ruffling some feathers in the process. Good old-fashioned detective work helps him break open a case that he says cemented him as a respective detective.

The Detective: Detective Constable SimonSimon joined the force in 1978 and retired in 2006. During his tenure, Simon worked in the drugs and major crimes unit, in the Serious Crime Squad, did surveillance and undercover work, and worked in anti-terrorism, organized crime and corruption. After his retirement, he ran his own investigation business for a number of years. Simon is the founder of LEAP Scotland, part of a global campaign to change laws to end the ‘war on drugs.’ He has own community radio show and YouTube Channel, and is co-host of the Crime Time Inc. podcast with Small Town Dicks’s favorite Tom Woods.