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No Way!

Officer Patrick gets called to investigate a complaint about stolen wages at a local restaurant and as he stumbles upon a decades-old DNA mystery that involves his own family. This is the story of how a small town detective, through a series of wild coincidences and lotto-level good luck, manages to solve the case of his life.


Detective Dan gets called to an apartment complex to investigate a hit and run. But he quickly discovers there’s much more to the case than just property damage, when a young girl in the house discloses that she was touched inappropriately during an alcohol-fueled party that night. Detective Dan’s brother, Detective Dave, is called in to investigate the crime.

Never Forget

Famed cold-case investigator and forensic analyst Paul Holes brings us two murder cases from Northern California that remain unsolved. These murders are eerily similar to three others that were committed by serial killer Phil Hughes. But with scant physical evidence, and Hughes remaining tight-lipped, Paul is forced to dig deep and come up with new ways to identify the killer and get justice for the victims.

The Snitch

Lou is in and out of prison, but if you put him in a shirt and tie and sat him behind a desk, you’d never know that about him. It’s just one of the unique things about Lou. One day, he’s approached by a fellow inmate named Jason about a murder-for-hire. Lou immediately contacts the cops. As Det. Robert investigates he gets much more than he bargained for.

Bait and Switch

When a drug deal goes wrong leaving one victim at death’s door and two armed suspects on the run, this Small Town police department draws on their “mutual aid agreement” with neighboring agencies to help set up an extensive perimeter and conduct the manhunt. They call in K-9 handler, Justin, and his four-legged partner, Fedo, to assist. If you’ve ever doubted that a police dog can perform in ways above and beyond his human counterparts, this episode will make you a believer.