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It was an evening like any other. Police at the local headquarters were going about their business – eating dinner, talking about the latest TV shows, when… boom. The first of a series of deadly explosions tore through Detective Sam’s station in Northern Ireland. Sam talks about the extraordinary dangers his force faced on a daily basis, and the lingering trauma so many suffer who choose to protect and serve.

Confidence Man

Steve is a popular guy. He edits the local paper. He owns the local stationary store. His new restaurant is the most popular spot for miles around. And he’s just opened up a new pub. The only problem is every one of his businesses seems to be failing. Detective BK gets a tip that there’s something shady is going on with Steve’s accounts and his investors have started to notice. BK uncovers a small town scandal that tests the fabric of neighborly trust.

No Win

A routine traffic stop turns deadly serious when the driver opens fire on the patrol officer and peels out. A manhunt ensues and a couple of days later, an alert law enforcement crew spots the driver and embarks on a harrowing car chase during the height of the summer-tourist season.

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