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When a child first reveals they are the victim of abuse it’s a process police call “disclosure.” That’s where Nichole comes in. She’s a trained forensic investigator and relies on a mix of research and empathy to give the victims a voice and bring criminals to justice.

Special Guest: Forensic Intervewer Nichole

Nichole is currently the Lead Forensic Interviewer for her local Child Advocacy Center. Since 2006, she has been interviewing children who have been witness to, or victims of crime and has conducted over 3,800 interviews. She testifies as an expert witness in child development, disclosure processes, and other topics related to child abuse. In addition to interviewing, she is currently a State and Regional trainer and has been involved in revising the State Guidelines for 2014 and 2017 reviews.  She has a BA degree in Law and Justice and a MS degree in Psychology with an emphasis on child and adolescent development.