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The Runaway

Police get called to a seedy motel after reports of a fight. They find two women injured, one badly, as well as a group of men standing around videotaping the incident on their phones. As Det. Scott begins to investigate, he quickly realizes there is much more than meets the eye as he follows the evidence into a world of gangs and human trafficking.

The Fourth Man

A military general from a Southeast Asian country gets arrested in the United States, along with his bodyguard, for orchestrating a million-dollar heroin deal. However, not content to sit and wait for their trial to begin, the two men plan a jailbreak. They just need two other participants to pull it off, which is how one of our favorite guests, Sgt. David becomes the Fourth Man.

The Imposition

A mother gets home to find her infant Mariah’s head lolling from side to side when she holds her in her arms. The mother asks Mariah’s father, who had been looking after the baby, “What happened?!” He says he doesn’t know and that the child was fine when he put her to sleep. The parents rush Mariah to the hospital and, when the doctors examine her, they immediately call the police to investigate. 


Yeardley shares a personal story of being targeted and stalked at a time in her career when her success and notoriety as an actress were starting to get some much sought-after traction. Brought up to assume she can handle whatever comes her way without asking for help, Yeardley quickly finds herself in over her head. Zibby, Detective Dan and Detective Dave help her unpack the details of this cautionary tale.