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A Dirty Deal

In quiet, suburban neighborhoods, illegal marijuana grows can be hidden in plain sight – even in states that have legalized the plant. They also are sometimes connected to other nefarious activities, as Detective Nick finds in today’s episode. Through dogged work, Nick and his team discover two substantial illegal marijuana operations and in so doing uncover a dark web of abuse that’s far more insidious and inhumane.

Lasting Impact

In today’s briefing, Detectives Dave and Dan, and forensic investigator Paul Holes, share personal stories of traumatic events they experienced on the job that left them struggling with post-traumatic stress. Joined by guest host Yeardley Smith, they discuss why there needs to be a renewed focus on mental health treatment for all first responders, and the urgent need to redefine when and how police officers are able to seek help when they inevitably experience tragic events that leave a lasting impact.

Moving Target

A gunshot rings out in the middle of the night in a small town in rural Australia. Detective Graeme is quickly on the case and soon learns not one but two additional drive-by shootings have occurred this early morning. Such things don’t happen where he lives and all he has to go on is some grainy footage of a dark car out looking for targets.

The Very Worst

The stories about Sam are almost unbelievable. He’s wealthy, successful, and a family man. But look closer and you’ll discover a deeply disturbed predator with a dangerous habit of victimizing kids. When Detective Robert and his team take over the case, they find themselves crossing state lines and international borders in the pursuit of evidence which ultimately confirms Sam is exactly what they thought he was: the very worst. WARNING: This episode deals with the sexual abuse of children.

In Pursuit, Part 2

From big cities to small towns, there is perhaps nothing we associate more with modern police work than the high-speed chase. In this two-parter, Detectives Dan and Dave remember their first times behind the wheel when they had to suddenly go Code 3 “in pursuit.” You’ll hear how they learned to keep cool under pressure while also keeping the public safe as they pursued the suspect.

Three’s A Crowd

Police get called to a marijuana grow operation, where they find a man shot dead near the front door. The shooter is the dead man’s partner in the operation and claims the whole thing was a terrible accident. Det. Justin reviews the evidence and is ready to file the case away until he listens to the 911 tape and hears something that throws the “accident” theory out the window.

A Single Thread

Several checks go missing from a local business. It’s not the sort of low-level crime that would necessarily land at the top of Ret. Detective David’s list, but this is a small town and the son of the owners is a felon so police bring him in for questioning. As Detective David peels back the layers of the onion, a complex, criminal conspiracy leads the investigation all the way to the Mexican border.


The kidnapping of a young girl puts a small town police force on high alert. A little girl is kidnapped from her home. A harrowing search gets underway in hopes of finding her before she’s killed. Police know time is of the essence. The story is about the little things that go right and the inspiration a victim can provide decades later, without ever knowing about it.

No Good Deed

On a routine visit to check on his elderly father, Murray, Paul discovers him laying in his bed. Dead. Murray had a history of falling, so it’s possible his death was an accident. But the unusual position of Murray’s body on the bed prompts Paul to call 9-1-1. Fan-favorite, Lt. Scott, returns to Small Town Dicks with a case about a string of bad decisions that lead to the deepest form of betrayal. All for the price of some marijuana and donuts.