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In another stunning case from fan-favorite Sgt. Robert, a mother and child are rushed to the hospital in what appears to be the case of a childbirth gone wrong. But almost immediately, emergency staff begin to question whether the woman was ever pregnant at all. Police are called to investigate and uncover a shocking truth.

All Due Respect

Cops and defense attorneys sit on opposite sides in the courtroom. So, what happens when you put them at the same table? In today’s briefing, we find out. Detective Dave welcomes Public Defender Lissa to talk about why she left the prosecutor’s office to become a defender of the accused, how she does her job, and what she feels is the common ground in the fight for justice – hint, it’s spelled r-e-s-p-e-c-t.


A young mother gets a strange visit from a neighbor. He tells her his security cameras have captured her daughter doing inappropriate things. Shocked and suspicious, the mother calls the police. Detective Dave arrives and begins to investigate. He discovers the neighbor’s story does not hold up, and the truth is alarming.

The Gamble

This case takes us to Main Street, Small Town, Australia, where *Detective Graeme is called to investigate an early morning blaze in the local business district. Fortunately, firefighters put out the flames before anyone is hurt, but the shops suffer extensive smoke damage. As Graeme picks through the debris, he discovers evidence that the fire was no accident. A bit of luck and good old-fashioned detective work help Graeme and his team zero in on the culprit.


It was an evening like any other. Police at the local headquarters were going about their business – eating dinner, talking about the latest TV shows, when… boom. The first of a series of deadly explosions tore through Detective Sam’s station in Northern Ireland. Sam talks about the extraordinary dangers his force faced on a daily basis, and the lingering trauma so many suffer who choose to protect and serve.


This week, Small Town Dicks returns to Scotland. A series of killings along the Scottish/ English border has detectives scrambling and residents frightened. As police chase hundreds of possible leads, a man in a tiny town witnesses the kidnapping of a local girl in broad daylight. Could this be the lead law enforcement so desperately needs? Another story from retired Deputy Chief Constable Tom.

Jekyll & Hyde

A woman is found dead on her couch, a gun by her side. It appears maybe she shot herself in the head. More than a decade later a woman is found dead in her bed, a gun nearby. What did they have in common besides the manner of death? A man who stalked the first woman and married the latter. Investigators are able to tie the two shootings together and arrest the doc for murder.

Fair Game

Police get a 911 call from a man named Brad who says he fears for his safety after an older man, William, has hit the back of his truck. While Brad is still on the phone with police, he claims William is advancing on him and pulls the trigger on his rifle. The bullet strikes William in the head and kills him. When Sgt. George is called out to the scene, he learns that Brad is a 30-something, UFC-trained fighter, and former military sniper, while William, ‘Brad’s aggressor,’ is a boozy 60-year-old. Something doesn’t add up.

Monster Pt.1

It was a sunny afternoon in August of 2008, when this Small Town police department began fielding multiple 9-1-1 calls from alarmed residents in a quiet neighborhood just outside of town. The callers told dispatch they had just witnessed what appeared to be the kidnapping of a ten-year-old neighborhood girl as she rode her bike. This triggers multiple agencies in the area coming together in a frantic effort to catch the kidnapper before he disappears with his victim forever.