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Kill Bill

Bill is a well-to-do tech professional who starts down a destructive road of drugs and crime with a younger, and more violent companion, named Tristan. One day, police get a call that leads them to believe Bill is dead under bizarre circumstances. An investigation leads Detective Robert and team into a house of horrors.

Engine 5

The firefighters of Engine 5 get called to a house fire. As the trucks pull up, they realize they’re being shot at. As they retreat, cops get called in. Meantime, two more houses catch fire as offices try to find the shooter in the shadows. Det. Justin leads the investigation. Officers Andy and Robert look to save the day.

Dead Man Walking

Sonja had filed for divorce from her husband, Roberto, and taken out a restraining order against him due to his violent tendencies towards her and their two children. So when Roberto doesn’t show up for court and Sonja doesn’t show up for work, police are dispatched to the house where they encounter the couple’s oldest daughter yelling that her father has a gun and is going to kill her mother. Detectives recount the hours-long stand-off and its impossible ending.