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Deep Cover

Detective Matt returns to share his more than year-long undercover investigation into a fringe environmental group with dangerous designs on an upcoming political convention. This is the kind of story we never get to hear. Told by a detective who mastered the art of disappearing from his own life in order to thwart a violent plot.

Gone Fishin’

A young couple go missing after heading out to a local camping spot. A search party discovers their bodies – both have been shot to death. Investigators from this rural town turn over every stone in search of the killer but come up empty. Over 40 years pass before a DNA test points to a suspect. Detectives scramble to arrest him and get justice for the victims.

Blood Shadow

Detective BK is called to a grisly murder scene at a local motel. The fact that the victim, himself, has a criminal past has no bearing on how hard detectives work the case, their job is to see that justice is served. As BK drills down on a possible suspect, the search becomes a manhunt across multiple states, and the detectives are reminded that you can never have enough evidence.

The Devil You Know, Part 2

Christy was a young girl when her mom was murdered in what was said to have been a botched bank robbery. But it never sat right with her. Years later she had an epiphany, and she started to think her father was involved. She cajoled cops to start a new investigation, but it did not lead to a new arrest. A decade went by and Christy was able to convince a TV show to come in and take another look. With the help of local police they uncovered new evidence about the murder and the victimization of an underage girl, Jodi.

Crime and Punishment Part 2

Trevor Walraven was convicted of an unthinkable crime when he was 14 years old. He spent nearly 18 years in prison before he was released. In this two-part conversation, we talk to him about the crime he committed, his co-defendant,  how he spent his time in prison, and his emergence as an advocate for giving other inmates a second chance to become productive members of society.

The Sociopath and the Whistleblower Part 2

This is the chilling story of a man who, as a police officer, took his police department’s solemn oath to be guided by professionalism, integrity, courage and honor. He also promised that his behavior would meet his department’s standard of honesty and accountability. Then, for 10 years, he patrolled the community, gaining its trust, while simultaneously victimizing those he knew would be too afraid to speak up.